The future of cable access technology is virtualized software. Harmonic’s patented CableOS® technologies bring Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) to the cable access space, providing the market’s first-ever software-based cable modem termination system (CMTS). Our end-to-end remote PHY system seamlessly supports centralized and distributed architectures.

Cloud-native cable access solution already deployed at scale

Cloud-native cable access solution already deployed at scale

Migration path from centralized/HFC deployment to DAA

Migration path from centralized/HFC deployment to DAA

Improved gigabit service scalability and cost efficiency

Improved gigabit service scalability and cost efficiency

Driving Gigabit Speeds with CableOS Solution

Harmonic enables 1Tennessee to cost-effectively deliver 1-gigabit internet speeds to its growing subscriber base.

Solution Highlight

A fresh look at the benefits and migration path for cable operators

Examine an approach using Intel-based COTS servers, including the benefits and long term potential for cable operators as it applies to both distributed and centralized CCAP architectures.

CableOS virtualized cable access solution

Powering the world’s first virtualized cable access network, Harmonic CableOS solution brings faster internet speeds to consumers while simultaneously reducing the space, power and other cost constraints that typically impede growth for cable operators.


Gigabit services with greater capacity and lower space requirements

Featuring the industry’s first software-based CMTS and end-to-end Remote PHY architecture, Harmonic’s CableOS solution allows you to deliver high-speed IP services – but with reduced space and power requirements.

CableOS saves up to 90% on space, power and cooling costs in a variety of deployment architectures.


End-to-end Remote PHY solution

If you are seeking to deploy a fiber deep network that can support both IP and legacy services, Harmonic’s CableOS solution can help you simplify the migration.

In addition to moving RF components out of the headend and into the field, decoupling the CCAP core from the physical layer in a Remote PHY architecture leverages the benefits of digital fiber, such as signal transport over much longer distances, more wavelengths and improved signal quality.


Lowering broadband delivery costs

The CableOS solution enables migration to multi-gigabit broadband capacity and the fast deployment of DOCSIS 3.1 data, video and voice services. It also resolves space and power constraints in the headend and hub, eliminates dependence on hardware upgrade cycles and reduces total cost of ownership. With its multi-dimensional scalability, the CableOS platform even allows you to cost-effectively grow from a small number of service groups to over a hundred, simply by adding 1-RU servers.

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