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3 Reasons SaaS Is Perfect for Your Temporary OTT Services

August 29, 2018
1-Minute Read
Vice President, Video Customer Solutions

Media processing software as a service (SaaS) makes it much easier for video content and service providers to address the growing consumer demand for video anytime, anywhere, on any screen.

Thanks to SaaS, providers gain flexibility, scalability, and agility in their video operations. As well as, the possibility to launch temporary OTT channels in a matter of hours as opposed to weeks or months.

Given the speedy deployment nature of SaaS, we explore three cost-effective scenarios that make perfect sense to use this innovative technology for temporary OTT offerings.


Tear down a live sports channel the minute it’s over

Sports events come and go all year round. That’s why it’s difficult to invest in a channel that is up for just a few weeks or months.

You’ll no longer need a large upfront investment since SaaS is based on a pay-per-use pricing model.

This type of flexibility is perfect for temporary and reoccurring sporting events because you can easily launch your channel when you need it and take it down when you don’t.


Test a new channel with no investment risk

Traditionally, operators had to invest a significant amount of CAPEX in order to launch a new channel.

That’s no longer the case.

With SaaS, they can introduce channels with new capabilities (e.g., live, time-shift, nDVR, VOD, ad insertion) at a much lower cost and keep or remove them depending on audience interest.

This is especially convenient for testing special interest channels, such as those devoted to fashion shows, ecology or horse races.


Guarantee peak event viewing cost-effectively

During major events, such as sports events, the number of viewers can become massive. That puts a huge strain on operators’ bandwidth.

SaaS offers a resilient disaster recovery solution that doesn’t require a fixed infrastructure: running media processing on-premises and disaster recovery simultaneously in the public cloud.

As you can see, SaaS is changing the face of OTT delivery, especially for temporary deployments.

Harmonic’s VOS®360 Media SaaS has been created to give service and content providers the cost-effective media processing solutions they want.

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