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By: Harmonic Inc on August 1st, 2016

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Storage for UHD: Go Big, Go Home… Or Adapt

There are many challenges when making the shift to UHD in the production environment. While you may not change much if anything for your UHD workflows compared to HD, the gains offered by UHD are considerable. The increase in resolution, bit depth and the ability to leverage high dynamic range (HDR) results in a format that places much greater strain on bandwidth and storage capacity requirements of a media facility’s infrastructure and its workflows. Therefore, it is important to consider the impact of much larger codec data rates, demands for higher data throughput for read and write operations, and the need to keep performance levels consistent regardless of storage capacity used, or whether drive expansion or drive rebuilds are taking place, when users are working on the storage system.

Andy Warman, Director, Production and Playout Strategy and Market Development at Harmonic, provides an overview of what is needed on the storage front to enable practical UHD production in his recent Building Out Storage for UHD: Challenges and Considerations article in KitPlus – The TV-Bay Magazine.