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By: Harmonic Inc on July 6th, 2015

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VidTech Insider: Live UHD Demo

In this episode of VidTech Insider, we learn how Harmonic and SES® joined forces to deliver three days of live and linear UHD broadcasts over a cable system via a full end-to-end 4K UHD transmission system. The demo showed the advantages of live all-IP in broadcast-quality mode. SES set up a UHD studio outside the Las Vegas Convention Center to capture live content during NAB. The demo used SES satellites and teleports with a team of technology partners.

Harmonic products in the demo included the Electra X3 advanced media processor for live, full-frame, full-GOP UHD (HEVC Main 10 profile) encoding, ProView integrated receiver-decoders for satellite reception,ProMedia Xpress high-performance transcoder managed by the Harmonic WFS file-based workflow system for the creation of the HEVC streams, ProMedia Package multiscreen stream packager for MPEG-DASH packaging, and NSG Exo distributed CCAP system for DOCSIS transmission.

Learn more about Harmonic's real-world UHD solutions.

 Joel Marsden, Sr. Video Producer, Harmonic