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View All Posts Supercharge Your Media Services is an upcoming cloud solution that will make media streaming easy. Get access to Harmonic’s reliable high-end technology with to build a seamless streaming process.
September 27, 2023
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Vice President, Video Customer Solutions

So, you need to stream videos flawlessly to audiences. You might believe it requires mastering a complex process. What if we revealed a solution that seamlessly combines high-end technology with everyday streaming?

Presenting, Harmonic’s latest brainchild in the world of video streaming. 

Adding to Harmonic’s legacy of proven VOS® cloud solutions, is an upcoming cloud solution that will make media streaming easy. With, you will get access to Harmonic’s reliable high-end technology to build a seamless streaming process. is being built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud which makes it easy to integrate into your existing ecosystem and cohesively migrate from AMS. is mainly for enterprises and industry professionals looking for a cloud-based solution to seamlessly stream their content to their audiences. The solution ensures unparalleled agility, resiliency, security and scalability for a superior streaming experience. Enterprises will be able to encode and stream videos directly to intended audiences. 
High-quality streams, latest technology, years of expertise and continuous innovations - you will be getting all these with

What makes exciting?

Simple! makes video streaming to audiences a breeze.

Let's dive into what that means to you.
Migrate seamlessly 
Enterprises can easily switch from other platforms to If enterprises are currently using Azure Media Services (AMS), they will be able to retain and continue all their current video services with after the AMS retirement. You will have access to a robust knowledge base and an active community to engage with experts. promises to provide all the major workflows that AMS supports and includes new features as well. 
Launch in minutes was created to be a self-service platform that simplifies media processing. You will be able to set up and operate it with ease. Enterprises can start streaming in just a few minutes by using the web interface or simple API.
Stream any video content will enable enterprises to live stream their media, including e-learning, corporate events, new product highlights and more directly to the audience. Enterprises will get access to advanced features like multi-channel, multi-language audio, HDR video and SRT that guarantees high-quality streaming. Other capabilities such as real-time scaling and studio-quality encoding on will allow enterprises to deliver their live media services reliably and at scale. 
User-friendly interface’s intuitive user interface and REST APIs will let you build scalable media management and delivery applications. Enterprises can securely upload, store, encode and package video or audio content for both playback and live-streaming delivery to various audiences. 
Now, let's get into some real business. How can you make the most of

What will you achieve with can support whatever video streaming needs you might have. Whether you would like to broadcast corporate meetings or live stream a limited-time product promotion to audiences - will make that happen for you.
And the best part is that you will only pay for what you use. Let's explore the various possibilities that you will be able to attain with

Live streaming

When enterprises are live streaming their content like sports, online classes and product launches in real-time, they need to have a reliable and high-quality solution. Harmonic’s will provide enterprises with a much simpler user experience and workflow.
Harmonic specializes in live-streaming technology and has already been elevating video workflows for various companies. Some of the key live-streaming features include:
  • Secure reliable transport (SRT) input: Enterprises can provide viewers with uninterrupted live video even on unreliable networks, eliminating buffering and pixelation.
  • Top-tier video encoding quality: Harmonic’s content-aware encoding technology reduces data usage and storage expenses by up to 50 percent. 
  • Streamlined workflow: simplifies and automates workflows so that enterprises will be able to stream your content quickly.
  • Real-time source loss notifications: With, enterprises will receive instant alerts about source loss, enabling immediate action to maintain uninterrupted viewing.
  • Custom slate insertion: You can personalize your content with custom images during interruptions, creating visually appealing transitions.
  • Source input redundancy: will let enterprises maintain content availability, even in unexpected situations.
  • Multi-channel audio encoding: With, you will reach a wider audience by delivering content in multiple languages. 
  • Up to 60 frames per second for live encoding: supports up to 60 frames per second leading to high-definition videos capturing every detail with clarity.

Dynamic packaging 

With dynamic packaging, enterprises can adaptively package video content in multiple formats and resolutions to optimize each viewer's individual experience. Dynamic packaging ensures that viewers receive the best video quality based on their network bandwidth without interruptions. 
Enterprises will be able to deliver packaged video files to viewers based on device types, screen sizes and network conditions. Easy and manageable, supports dynamic packaging that will let enterprises deliver existing or new assets in your Azure storage account if you use it. This will eliminate the need for extra time and processing. 
Some of the key packaging features include:
  • Thumbnail preview (with I-frame track) support: Enterprises can let their viewers easily navigate and explore their favorite content by enabling content preview and trick modes. 
  • Support Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) output: will be powering enterprises to make content available on major social media platforms, increasing their audience and engagement.
  • Support packaging of all major HDR formats: ensures compatibility with advanced HDR formats preferred by platforms like Apple TV, Samsung devices and Dolby-enabled devices. 
  • Packager SCTE-35 annotations for dynamic ad insertion (DAI): You will be able to monetize your content and maximize revenue with dynamic ad insertion, ensuring precise ad placement within your content.

File transcoding 

When you are delivering video content, file transcoding is an important step in the process. File transcoding involves converting content from one format or codec to another. This alteration can also include adding graphics, watermarks or other elements to the video. 
With’s transcoding feature, you will create multiple versions of the same content to adapt to the viewer’s network and device capabilities. If enterprises are using Azure storage accounts, will enable enterprises to transcode media files directly from and to their account.
Top professionals are already using Harmonic’s file transcoder to scale their video workflows. With, you will have access to the same technology with an easy-to-use interface. Some of the key benefits include: 
  • Seamless transition: Enterprises can easily upload their assets to their own Azure storage account. Their transcoded assets will be then published to their storage account. 
  • Total authority: With, enterprises will have maximum control due to the pre-configured customer feature. 
  • Enhancement opportunities: With, you will have the support to choose various add-on features, including live transcription, logos and more. 

Content protection 

When you are creating and delivering video content, you also need to safeguard your content from threats like piracy, spoofing, unlicensed streaming and more. Content protection is a continuous process as the threats are always evolving. Enterprises have to ensure that their video workflows are completely secured from designs to operations. 
Harmonic’s ensures that enterprises will be at par with their current playback workflows and that the content will always be secure. This platform supports encrypted delivery of live and on-demand content through Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-128) or any of the three major digital rights management (DRM) systems.
Some of the key protection features include:
  • Azure support: Enterprises will be getting continued support from Azure AD for their secure token service (STS).
  • Own STS: If enterprises don’t have an existing secure token service (STS) or would like their approach streamlined, will embed the STS service on their side. 
Looking for more reasons to opt for Keep reading to know what more we can offer you. the Best AMS alternative

Why choose

 With Harmonic’s, you will not just be getting a robust streaming solution but also years of expertise in this field. comes with unique capabilities and seasoned technology that will empower enterprises to stream content to their audiences automatically.
Here are some factors that set apart: 
Streamlined processes
With, enterprises will be able to distribute their content using a single video and audio media pipeline workflow. Its intuitive web interface with simple APIs will enable you to plan and manage your content effortlessly. 
AI-based functionalities
Harmonic's AI-enabled solution, Eye QTM, provides enterprises with the capability of content-aware encoding. This process enables you to deliver high-quality videos while reducing data usage and storage expenses by up to 50 percent. will also support enterprises with automated scaling to reach any size of audience across the globe. 
Exceptional capabilities
Enterprises will be able to easily add state-of-the-art features using, including live transcription, logo insertion, source redundancy, slate insertion and more. With, enterprises will have the power to go beyond the conventional video streaming software and gain wider support for SRT, HDR, multi-channel audio, source management and more. 
24X7 operations and support
With, you can ensure that your content is up and running constantly without interruptions. Moreover, you will be continuously receiving the support of an interactive community forum to build discussion and resolve issues.
Competitive pricing and integration 
You only pay for what you use because of our flexible SaaS pricing model. You’ll be charged per GB per month which is much simpler. Also, global and unique prices for origin egress make the pricing calculation easier. You can purchase and integrate directly from the Azure Marketplace. 

Stream seamlessly with Harmonic’s 

By now, you must be excited to try out our solution. We will be launching soon. So, you'll be up and running before the end of the year. We appreciate your patience and know that it's worth the wait. Register now to be the first one to get exclusive access to 

Harmonic - an expert in streaming and video solutions

Harmonic has been the undisputed leader in the video streaming arena. We have more than 5,000 companies trusting us for our state-of-the-art technology and exceptional services. Over the last 25 years, we have been at the forefront of industry innovations every step of the way.
Our VOS cloud solutions are the driving force behind a new era in video streaming, setting unprecedented standards for reliability and scalability. Whether you're navigating the complexities of large-scale streaming distribution, addressing evolving security needs or simply aiming for pixel-perfect viewer experiences, Harmonic is your trusted partner to guide you along the way. 
If you are a media and entertainment professional looking for a more customizable cloud-based solution for advanced workflows, Harmonic’s VOS360 Media SaaS is the right solution for you. 


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