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V-Blog: IP-Based Workflow: SMPTE ST 2110 (Part 2)

Video Appliances

Part 2 of our V-Blog series on IP focuses on SMPTE ST 2110 and explores the requirements for more complex workflows that can benefit from uncompressed IP solutions. Where SMPTE ST 2022-6 sets the baseline for IP interoperability, this edition explains how SMPTE ST 2110 enables greater flexibility in handling video, audio and data sources in the most demanding environments. Watch part 3 on AMWA IS-04 specification >>



UHD tennis

A Good Start of the Year for UHD HDR

Thierry Fautier

2018 is proving to be a successful year for Ultra HD (UHD) HDR. Recently, DIRECTV announced it will broadcast National…

Amsterdam here we come, what to expect at IBC2016

Amsterdam Here We Come, What To Expect At IBC2016

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