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CableOS Pebble-1

Superior performance for Remote PHY CCAP deployments


Part of Harmonic’s CableOS™ software-based CCAP solution,  the Pebble-1 Remote PHY device (RPD) supports full-spectrum DOCSIS 3.1 specifications with superior performance at high output power. The RPD can be installed in a CableOS Ripple-1 Remote PHY node (RPN) or other select outdoor enclosures. Pebble-1 interfaces with CableOS Core CMTS software to move an operator’s RF requirements out of the headend or hub and place them deep in the fiber network, simplifying headend design and operation to resolve space and power constraints, lower capital and operational expenses, and provide service flexibility.

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  • High-speed 10-GbE throughput
  • One DS port, two US ports
  • Superior RF performance, compliant with DOCSIS DRFI Annex D and 3.1 PHY
  • Precision IEEE 1588 PTP synchronization
  • Support for DOCSIS 3.1
  • Easy installation into CableOS Ripple-1 and third-party nodes

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CableOS lets you save up to 75% on space and power costs in a centralized deployment, and up to 90% in a distributed deployment.

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CableOS Pebble-1 Features

Support for Fiber Deep Deployments

The Pebble-1 RPD interfaces with CableOS Core software to support evolving fiber deep deployments with high-speed data and video. Compliance with the CableLabs DOCSIS DRFI Annex D and PHY 3.1 specification assure full RF spectrum coverage and extend network capacity.

Support for Legacy HFC

In addition to support for DOCSIS, Pebble-1 generates SCTE 55-1, 55-2 and 25-1, pilot, leakage detection, FM radio and telemetry signals.

Precision Timing

The precision IEEE 1588 PTP servo algorithm on Pebble-1 synchronizes all elements of the CableOS solution.

Remote Configuration and Control

All Pebble-1 RPD and Ripple-1 RPN controls and settings are performed remotely using the CableOS CLI.



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