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NetProcessor 9030/40

Advanced SD/HD MPEG-2/AVC stream processor and multiplexer with powerful function integration capabilities


Part of the NetProcessor family of video and network solutions for digital television applications, the NetProcessor 9030/40 is ideal for broadcasters, content owners and network operators looking to migrate from DVB ASI legacy environments to IP-based infrastructures, as well as for localizing or remodeling content. The platform’s mission-critical capabilities include multiplexing, remultiplexing, PSI/SI processing, transrating, splicing, data injection, ad insertion, and the scrambling of hundreds of services received and delivered over DVB ASI and telecom interfaces.

The NetProcessor 9030/40 can also function as a bandwidth manager, with the Harmonic Flextream™ hybrid remote multiplexing technology providing the ability to combine local or geographically distributed encoders in the same pool with incoming transrated programs.

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  • Up to 22 ASI inputs and outputs, up to 213 Mbps per interface
  • Input and output telecom interfaces
  • Multiplexing/remultiplexing of multiple transport streams received over ASI and telecom interfaces
  • DTH/DVB-T2 SingleFeed functionality
  • SCTE 35 and SCTE 30-compliant for ad/local program insertion (DPI)




Learn more about SingleFeed, a flexible solution for regionalization of DVB-T2 multiplexes.

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NetProcessor 9030/40 Features

DVB-T2 Support

The NetProcessor 9030/40 can function as a DVB-T2 gateway. The system can encapsulate a multiplex into a DVB T2-MI stream, providing signalization, transmission and synchronization parameters to DVB-T2 modulators. Inversely, the NetProcessor can receive multiple T2-MI streams at the input, de-encapsulate each PLP, and make the resulting multiplexes available for processing.

DTH Workflows

With Harmonic SingleFeed™ technology, multiplexes can be built in DTH format and converted deterministically by the Harmonic RD1100 IRD into a T2-MI stream for DTT SFN transmission. SingleFeed is a cost-effective solution, enabling multiplex generation to support both DVB-T2 and DTH distribution.

I/O Flexibility

The NetProcessor 9030/40 offers a range of interfaces, including ASI, Gigabit Ethernet/IP, PDH-SONET and SDH/ATM. These I/O capabilities allow the processor to replace multiple previous-generation multiplexers and network adaptors with a single device.