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ProMedia Application Servers

High-performance appliances for multiscreen video workflows

ProMedia Application Server

ProMedia® application servers are scalable, secure platforms for hosting ProMedia software applications and optimizing multiscreen workflows. Each server features a web-based GUI for access from any networked workstation, and some models can be managed and monitored using Harmonic’s NMX Digital Service Manager video network management solution.

To reduce the potential for human error, the servers’ GUI eliminates the need for operators to interact with the underlying operating system. The units are delivered with unnecessary services disabled, antivirus software installed, code signing enabled, and the firewall configured to only open ports on the interface required for operation.

Furthermore, the GUI provides audit-trail logging of user actions to ease troubleshooting and provide the ability to backup and restore complete system configurations for quick service restoration in the unlikely event of failure. In addition, software updates and required Windows patches can all be applied remotely.

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  • Intuitive web-based GUI
  • Secure platform lockdown with built-in firewall and anti-virus support
  • System and user audit-trail logging
  • Remote service monitoring and software updates, plus configuration backup/restore
  • Carrier-grade management system with NMX Digital Service Manager


ProMedia Application Servers

Learn more about high-performance appliances for multiscreen video workflows.

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ProMedia Application Servers Features

Simple Control Interface Reduces Human Error

The web-based GUI on ProMedia servers removes the need for operators to interact with the underlying operating system. The GUI provides an audit trail of user actions; facilitates troubleshooting; and provides the ability to monitor, back up and recover complete system configurations, quickly restoring service in the event of failure.

Software Security Minimizes Risk

To provide the highest levels of security and stability, ProMedia servers are delivered with all unnecessary services disabled. Antivirus software is installed, code signing is enabled, and the firewall is configured to only open ports on the interfaces required for operation.