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ProMedia Package

Adaptive stream preparation for high-value Internet video services

ProMedia Package Multiscreen Stream Packager

Part of the ProMedia® family of optimized multiscreen and production workflow solutions, ProMedia Package is a software-based, carrier-grade adaptive stream preparation system for deploying secure, high-value Internet video services. Multiple streams of H.264 video and associated audio — including up to 10 different videos and eight different audio languages per service — can be combined selectively into any of the most popular HTTP adaptive bitrate protocols, and secured by seamless integration with multiple Digital Rights Management (DRM) vendors.

By efficiently handling metadata information such as language, captions or ad signaling/insertion on input and output, ProMedia Package can scale to support hundreds of simultaneous streams. Packaging can be split across multiple machines for efficient media processing, and simply monitored and managed either by a web-based GUI or the Harmonic NMX Digital Service Manager video network management solution.

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  • Encode once and encapsulate to a variety of targets
  • Support for Apple® HLS, Microsoft® Smooth Streaming, Adobe® HDS and MPEG-DASH
  • Open Key Management Server (KMS) interface enables simplified integration
  • Choice of software-only option or optimized integrated appliance
  • Seamlessly integrates with ProMedia Live and ProMedia Origin

Industry Spotlight

Olympusat Telecom

Olympusat Telecom talk about why they use Harmonic for multiscreen transcoding and packaging.

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ProMedia Package Features

Deliver to Any Popular Device

ProMedia Package is a carrier-grade system that supports all popular streaming protocols and offers the flexibility to package to different formats from a single H.264 source.

Simple Ecosystem Integration

With seamless integration to numerous DRM vendors, content distribution networks (CDNs) and asset management systems, ProMedia Package accelerates time-to-market — and the accompanying revenue — for new multiscreen services.

Seamless Integration with ProMedia Live

When combined with ProMedia Live, ProMedia Package can add DRM to content distributed over popular adaptive bitrate video delivery platforms.

Scalability and Performance to Meet Every Application

In addition to supporting a broad variety of formats, multiple ProMedia Package systems can be combined for high channel deployments to support hundreds of simultaneous streams.

Easy-to-Use System Management

ProMedia Package can be easily configured through a standalone web interface or with NMX Digital Service Manager.

Choice of Software or Appliance

ProMedia Package is available as software or as an integrated appliance. The user can install ProMedia Package software onto existing hardware that meets minimum requirements or bundle it with a robust ProMedia application server.



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