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ProMedia Xpress

Superior video quality for multiscreen VOD services with fast transcoding speeds

ProMedia Xpress

ProMedia® Xpress enables faster-than-real-time transcoding and packaging of broadcast-quality SD and HD video for multiscreen VOD applications. It even supports the emerging 4K and Ultra HD formats. The high-performance solution allows content owners and service providers to significantly increase the content hours delivered while adhering to processing timetables and video quality targets in a cost-effective and scalable manner.

ProMedia Xpress employs Harmonic’s new MicroGrid parallel-computing technology to achieve a dramatic improvement in transcoding performance over stand-alone processing platforms. The application is managed by the Harmonic WFS™ file-based workflow system and integrates seamlessly with the ProMedia Carbon transcoder. The inclusion of stream packaging technology originally developed for ProMedia Package enables a complete file-based, multiscreen workflow that scales from several to hundreds of nodes and provides the operational integrity required in demanding 24/7 VOD environments.

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  • High-performance transcoding and packaging on a standard IT computing infrastructure
  • Harmonic MicroGrid parallel computing for faster-than-real-time workflows
  • HEVC-ready
  • 4K/Ultra HD format support
  • Dynamic farm management for seamless scaling of computing resources

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Delivering Quality Ultra HD

Learn about delivering quality UHD, why UHD workflows are more complex than cinematic and what’s required to deliver high-quality UHD to the home.

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ProMedia Xpress Features

Maximizing Performance

ProMedia Xpress runs on ProMedia 5200 series application servers for remarkable transcoding speeds. MicroGrid™ parallel-computing technology splits the large H.264 transcoding job into thousands of tiny ones, each of which is completed concurrently. Utilizing this innovative technology, ProMedia Xpress can scale effectively for superior transcoding performance without the need for custom computing hardware.

Optimizing Processing

Integrating transcoding and packaging in the same application allows multirate H.264 assets to be processed and encapsulated with the utmost efficiency for target ecosystems. Because ProMedia Xpress treats transcoding and packaging as separate processes, users can transcode content once and package it multiple times, thereby reducing repetitive processor-intensive tasks.

Seamless Scaling

Designed for high-volume, multiformat OTT delivery applications, ProMedia Xpress can grow from a single node to hundreds of nodes under the management of Xpress Controllers. As part of a complete multiscreen ecosystem, the Controller’s open API also allows Xpress to integrate with a wide variety of DRM and CMS vendors.

Protecting Infrastructure Investment

Harmonic’s 1-RU ProMedia 5200 application servers allow users to achieve exceptional transcoding throughput with a limited equipment footprint. ProMedia Xpress software also delivers a pathway for regularly improved transcoding productivity by taking advantage of ongoing CPU and memory-access performance gains.



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