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Take control of your high-volume transcoding tasks


The WFS file-based workflow engine from Harmonic delivers powerful, intuitive control of carrier-grade transcoding farms for broadcast and over-the-top video production and delivery.

The software-based WFS system is used to control multiple ProMedia™ Carbon and ProMedia Xpress transcoding nodes. Open and extensible, WFS possesses a distributed nature that grants reliability and scalability while allowing the automated processing of transcoding tasks, failover support, job distribution management, job prioritization, load balancing, file transfer, status monitoring, and job notification. With the addition of the Conditional Workflows (CWF) service module, users can add an automated and scalable condition-check process to their transcoding farm.

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  • Controls ProMedia Carbon and ProMedia Xpress transcoding farms
  • Enables cloud transcoding via Encoding.com
  • Supports failover to a backup system in case of a system outage or physical server failure
  • Transfer files over FTP, HTTP, CIFS and Amazon S3
  • Monitors FTP, CIFS and Amazon S3 storage locations to trigger new workflow event

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WFS Features

Advanced Architecture

WFS separates the workflow and automation processes from the transcoder, allowing a much more robust and scalable architecture than previously available. An open API allows traditional outside integration, as well as the ability for third-party applications to integrate into WFS.

Integration and Management

WFS allows a set of tasks to be executed in any order with full visibility into the entire process. It can be used for the simplest tasks to complicated workflows that include multiple transcodes and condition checks, file transfers, and the triggering of external scripts and notifications.

Simplified File-Based Workflows

WFS can manage the movement of files over FTP, HTTP and CIFS, and via the Amazon S3 cloud file-storage service. It includes a broad range of built-in functionality to optimize workflows, including the ability to monitor FTP, CFS and Amazon S3 storage locations, trigger new workflow events, and provide notifications.


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