VOS®360 Channel Origination and Distribution Platform is a schedule-based delivery solution to originate linear channels, live events and stream direct to consumers or syndication partners. Keep the creative control of your sources, assets, schedules, monitoring and metrics with real-time agility. Now you can create and stream high-quality channels at lightning speed with one simple platform.

All in the cloud

All in the cloud

VOS360 platform is built around docker containers and microservices using Kubernetes orchestration. It offers a rich API and a range of easy to use features accessible at any time.

Powerful workflows

Powerful workflows

End-to-end capabilities simplify all stages of the media processing and delivery chain. From content reception at the source and transmission to the cloud, right to the viewer's screen.

Advanced DevOps

Advanced DevOps

You can relax knowing that your live and linear channels are fully managed by our DevOps team, around the clock. Your services are supported with the highest level of availability and reliability.

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Channel origination with flexible scheduling

You can reduce complexity with unified workflows that combine file-based assets, live sources and graphic branding. Deliver compelling linear channels from content libraries without deploying a complex infrastructure. You will save time to focus on your core business.

Define your own schedules, or adapt as you go. Choose fixed timed events or join, drop and insert new content how you’d like. You can create any combination to make every channel unique.

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Complete cloud compatibility & simple delivery

You will get a cloud agnostic software with flexibility for your business and operational needs. Neutrality is key for your media team to align with your IT cloud preferences. Our technology uses x86 Intel processors and has the wrappings to automatically launch in the cloud.

VOS360 Channel Origination & Distribution Platform lets you seize every opportunity to create value. You can deliver enticing new channels without upfront infrastructure costs and save time with a simple, all-in-one platform.  It’s a perfect combination of media operations with the most modern cloud infrastructure. 

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Cloud playout & processing with a wide range of sources

Adapt and create your channel playlists at any time: build your playlist for clips and graphics manually, use built-in scheduling, or import from an external traffic system. Our VOS API also gives you the freedom to create and manage channels with your choice of external playout control.

VOS360 Channel Origination & Distribution Platform has a vast array of sources available to deliver compelling content, from SD to UHD. An extensive number of video formats are supported: MXF, MPEG-2 transport streams, MP4 clips and more.


VOS360 Channel Origination & Distribution Platform works for you

  • Create pop-up or scalable channels based on the major events of the season.
  • Test new markets and launch new brands.
  • Leverage the internet to optimize syndication distribution.
  • Repurpose your content to increase your return on investment.


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