VOS®360 Live Streaming Platform leverages the flexibility of cloud-native infrastructures to meet the most demanding and complex requirements for media processing and delivery. Our fully managed solution runs on a wide range of public cloud platforms all over the globe. It powers millions of simultaneous streams, thousands of live channels, countless VOD requests and hundreds of petabytes of storage and delivery.

All in the cloud

All in the cloud

VOS360 platform is built around docker containers and microservices using Kubernetes orchestration. It offers a rich API and a range of easy to use features accessible at any time.

Powerful workflows

Powerful workflows

End-to-end capabilities simplify all stages of the media processing and delivery chain. Receive content at the source and transfer to the cloud, then right to the viewer's screen.

Advanced DevOps

Advanced DevOps

You can relax knowing that your live streaming channels are fully managed by our DevOps team, around the clock. Your services are supported with the highest level of availability and reliability.

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Live video streaming with fast scalability

VOS360 Live Streaming Platform takes a highly complex workflow and abstracts it to a simple thin layer with guaranteed reliability. It’s a perfect combination of media operations with the most modern cloud infrastructure.

You can optimize your live video delivery to enhance experiences with flexible and real-time scaling that handles peak viewing. Our platform uses a range of technologies to dynamically select the best available paths between content delivery networks and caching clusters.

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Complete cloud compatibility & simple integration

You’ll get a cloud agnostic solution for any platform. Neutrality is key for your media team to align with your IT cloud preferences. Our technology uses x86 Intel processors and has the wrappings to automatically launch in the cloud.

VOS360 Live Streaming Platform integrates with a wide range of media applications. This rich API makes VOS360 platform a favorite of media application suppliers. We can integrate new partners and capabilities in a matter of days or weeks.

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Unrivalled quality from source to screen

You will be able to streamline and unify your workflows to simplify operations, end-to-end. Easily enhance your service offering with our extensive functionalities: live or file transcoding, packaging and origin, dynamic real-time CDN selection, targeted advertising, VOD, SVOD, time-shift and network DVR.

Improve your viewer’s experience thanks to reduced latency with exceptional encoding efficiency. The advanced compression engines reduce the average bandwidth by 50 percent and leverage the latest developments in artificial intelligence.

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VOS360 Live Streaming Platform works for you

  • Unleash the power of premium OTT services for TV everywhere.
  • Stream premium live sports events to millions of subscribers.
  • Leverage targeted advertising to increase your return on investment.
  • Improve time to market and reduce operational cost and complexity.


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