Harmonic Knows Cable

No company has more edgeQAMs in active service globally, or partners as effectively with leading cable operators to build strategies for the deployment of video, data and voice services over fiber and coax. From DOCSIS 3.1 to software-based CCAP, we also enable your ability to migrate to next-generation solutions that help you resolve space and power challenges, simplify your ability to launch new revenue-generating services, and save on CAPEX and OPEX.

Driving IP Migration

Harmonic video infrastructure and cable access solutions power everything from emerging UHD/HEVC encoding schemes to cutting-edge CCAP environments. By leveraging new advances in IP and cloud-native media processing, we can offer the industry’s most complete solutions for encoding, transcoding and delivering channels with absolute efficiency and reliability. We’ll also help you better monetize your offerings via regional and local digital program insertion capabilities.

Highlighted Applications

Unifying the Headend

Broadcast and Multiscreen. Video and data service delivery. No longer are separate workflows required for your most critical operations. Utilizing solutions that leverage the Harmonic PURE Compression Engine™, media processing for all delivery platforms can be unified in software. And combining video and DOCSIS capabilities via our latest CCAP offerings adds new efficiencies to the cable access network.


Harmonic multiscreen video solutions give cable operators the tools to stream high-quality live and VOD content to TVs, PCs, tablets and smartphones. Our encoding and adaptive bitrate delivery solutions perform a wide range of functions and support the industry’s most popular internet and mobile formats, letting you deliver the compelling experience your viewers demand — on any device.


VOS™ Cloud is a comprehensive software offering that operates on any hardware platform in your headend or data center, as well as over private or public clouds. By transforming traditional video preparation and delivery architectures into a hybrid cloud operation, this cloud-native media processing solution from Harmonic accelerates time to market for all of your traditional cable and multiscreen ABR services.

Ad Insertion & Blackout Management

At Harmonic, we help you monetize your content across all delivery platforms. Our turnkey solutions offer a complete framework for ad insertion at national and regional levels, and can be tailored to your workflow requirements. This same technology also facilitates cost-effective management of content-rights tasks, such as blackout management and program substitution.


Harmonic’s CableOS CCAP solution provides cable operators with unprecedented scalability, agility and cost savings. Featuring the industry’s first software-based CMTS running on off-the-shelf, 1-RU servers, the first end-to-end Remote PHY system, and leading RF port density, CableOS enables the migration to multi-gigabit broadband capacity and the fast deployment of DOCSIS 3.1 data, video and voice services. The solution is built from the ground up to solve the real-world challenges of cable operators, and can be deployed as a centralized, distributed or hybrid architecture.


The ability to have a much smaller footprint in the headend while maintaining reliability, security and service levels is an important step forward in the industry, and Harmonic is taking a lead role in this endeavor.

Chris Bastian, CTO, Society of Cable Television Engineers

Comprehensive Harmonic Workflow for Cable Operators

CableOS CCAP Solution




Harmonic’s CableOS CCAP solution provides cable operators with unprecedented scalability, agility and cost savings




CableOS lets you save up to 75% on space and power costs in a centralized deployment, and up to 90% in a distributed deployment.

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