Software-Based CCAP


Demand continues to grow exponentially for high-speed broadband services such as OTT streaming, video on demand, time-shift TV and cloud DVR. Adding these capabilities is essential to your top-line growth, but the high cost of power and cooling can eat away at your bottom line. Harmonic helps you take advantage of this opportunity with the CableOS™ Software-based Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP), an end-to-end cable access solution that delivers unprecedented scalability, agility and cost savings.

Flexible and Future-Proof

CableOS enables the migration to multi-gigabit broadband capacity and the fast deployment of DOCSIS 3.1 data, video and voice services. The solution also resolves space and power constraints in the headend and hub, eliminates dependence on hardware upgrade cycles, and reduces TCO. With its multi-dimensional scalability, CableOS even allows operators to cost-effectively grow from a few service groups to more than a hundred simply by adding 1-RU servers.

Cable Access Transformed

More Capacity, Less Space

Featuring the industry’s first software-based CMTS and end-to-end Remote PHY architecture, CableOS allows cable operators to deliver high-speed IP services while simultaneously lowering their space and power requirements. In a centralized CCAP deployment, operators can save up to 75% on space and power costs, while a distributed deployment saves up to 90%.

cableOS_Harmonic software-based CCAP solution

Great Agility for Improved Feature Velocity

As a software-based solution, CableOS leverages the Intel x86 technology curve to provide the advantages associated with IT economics and Moore’s Law. Operators no longer need to purchase space-consuming and expensive hardware-based CMTS platforms, and break away from the cycle of having to upgrade hardware every three years to accommodate capacity growth requirements.

End-to-End Remote PHY Solution

For cable operators seeking to deploy a fiber-deep network that can support both IP and legacy capabilities, CableOS helps simplify the migration. In addition to moving RF components out of the headend and into the field, decoupling the CCAP core from the physical layer in a Remote PHY architecture leverages the benefits of digital fiber, such as signal transport over much longer distances and more wavelengths.

Harmonic CableOS-solution

It’s exciting to see the continuing wave of innovation being driven by our valued partners.

Tony Werner, president of technology and product at Comcast Cable
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An End-to-End Solution for Centralized and Distributed CCAP Architectures




CableOS lets you save up to 75% on space and power costs in a centralized deployment, and up to 90% in a distributed deployment.

Solution Brief



Harmonic’s CableOS CCAP solution provides cable operators with unprecedented scalability, agility and cost savings