Telco-IPTV Operators

Leading the Industry in Density and Scalability

Harmonic IPTV headend solutions help to reduce CAPEX and OPEX while preserving superior-quality video. Our video network management applications allow telcos to easily manage channel lifecycles and set encoding or statistical parameters for digital video and audio compression services.

A Legacy of Success

Harmonic’s award-winning compression technology delivers the highest quality MPEG-2, AVC and HEVC video at the lowest possible bitrates. A complete Harmonic IPTV solution also simplifies the migration to emerging technologies such as live UHD, multiscreen streaming and VOD, allowing your subscribers to experience their favorite shows anywhere, at any time, with stunning picture quality.

Highlighted Applications

Unifying the Headend

No longer are separate workflows required to deliver content to first and second screens. Utilizing the software-based Harmonic PURE Compression Engine™, IPTV providers can process and distribute SD, HD and UHD video for both QoS and OTT multiscreen networks with amazing efficiency. Our advanced codecs will even work with existing STBs, assuring you get the very most from your investments.


VOS™ Cloud is a comprehensive software offering that operates on any hardware platform in your headend or data center, as well as over private or public clouds. By transforming traditional video preparation and delivery architectures into a hybrid cloud operation, this cloud-native media processing solution from Harmonic accelerates time to market for all of your broadcast and multiscreen services.


Harmonic multiscreen video solutions give DTH operators the tools to stream high-quality live and VOD content to TVs, PCs, tablets and smartphones. Encoding and ABR delivery solutions that leverage our software-based VOS™ platform support the industry’s most popular internet and mobile formats, letting you deliver the compelling experience your viewers demand — on any device.

Ad Insertion & Blackout Management

At Harmonic, we help you monetize your content across all delivery platforms. Our turnkey solutions offer a complete framework for ad insertion at national and regional levels, and can be tailored to your workflow requirements. This same technology also facilitates cost-effective management of content-rights tasks, such as blackout management and program substitution.

Digital Turnaround

Harmonic offers a complete lineup of video infrastructure solutions designed to address the demands of Digital Turnaround. Building upon our leadership in Intelligent Function Integration, our ProView™ IRDs, Electra™ real-time processing and transcoding systems , and ProMedia® X Origin multiscreen media server let you quickly and reliably repurpose content in MPEG-2, AVC and HEVC, and in any SD, HD and UHD format.

telco IPTV multiscreen solution

Harmonic's full portfolio of on-demand solutions exceeded our high expectations for quality and performance and provided an ideal platform to support our enhanced IPTV service offering.

Dr. Chin-Min Cheng, Director, MOD, Chunghwa Telecom

Comprehensive Harmonic Video Delivery Workflow for Telco Providers

Comprehensive Harmonic Video Delivery Workflow for Telco Providers


Media Processing Platform

VOS SW Cluster

A comprehensive software solution that transforms traditional video preparation and delivery architectures into a hybrid cloud operation.


Video to All Screens

High quality content anytime, anywhere, in a time-shifted, on-demand and personalized manner