VR Video Processing

Preparation & Delivery of Fully Immersive 360° VR Video

Virtual reality is a computer-enhanced environment that can mimic physical presence in places both imagined and real. 360° panoramic video, either live or on demand, is a key part of the experience. Harmonic, a recognized leader in the development of innovative video technology, stands at the forefront of the movement to make it happen.

A Complete VR Video Ecosystem

The VR video production ecosystem contains many moving pieces and is still evolving. Its primary components include capture, processing, encoding, delivery, decoding and rendering. Harmonic possesses strategic partnerships with leading VR companies to offer the industry’s most complete VR video ecosystem. With multiple completed trials and public demonstrations, Harmonic and its partners stand as a one-stop shop for deploying cutting-edge 360° VR video services.

Highlighted Applications

Live Streaming

For live VR video, Harmonic Electra™ VS encoder can output multiple formats for UHD HEVC transmission, down to 1080p50 for single bitrates and 720p and 1080p for ABR streaming. The encoder can then package the content in Apple HLS and MPEG-DASH ISO BMFF format. Alternatively, the Electra X2 encoder can be used for resolutions up to 1080p for MPEG-4 AVC streaming.


For VOD content, the ProMedia® Xpress high-performance transcoder enables faster-than-real-time transcoding and packaging of content in HLS, MPEG-DASH and mp4 formats.


Both ProMedia Xpress and Electra VS can send content to either our ProMedia X Origin multiscreen media server or directly to a CDN. ProMedia X Origin is an HTTP streaming video server that ensures maximum interoperability with all target devices, and can package and host VR content in the HLS and MPEG-DASH protocols.


The high-performance, highly scalable Harmonic MediaGrid storage system can support hundreds of hours’ worth of file-based VR video content. All ProMedia X Origin servers in the network have access to content stored on MediaGrid, no complex asset management required.


Harmonic’s enterprise-class ProMedia X Origin multiscreen media server lets you package and stream your live and VOD UHD content to all first and second screens with pristine video quality.

Harmonic is a founding member of the VR Industry Forum.  




Thanks to technology partners like Harmonic, NASA has been at the forefront of delivering amazing video experiences, including virtual reality and UHD.

Fred Brown, Executive Producer of NASA Television

Harmonic VR Video Workflow

VR encoding process

Harmonic compression systems are essential elements in the preparation and delivery of high-quality, real-time and on-demand 2160p60 VR video. We work with leading stitching and geometry-mapping vendors to assure that the highest possible video quality is maintained throughout the production process.


360° VR Video Solution

360° VR Video

Harmonic stands at the forefront of the movement to provide a complete ecosystem for 360° VR video production.

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