Consumer demand for better viewing experiences, combined with declining price points for next-gen TVs, have created the need for more UHD HDR content. If you want to deliver live and on-demand UHD reliably and cost-effectively to main and second screens, take a look at our UHD HDR solution.

Complete UHD HDR solution

Complete UHD HDR solution

Easy migration from VOD streaming of UHD assets to live UHD adaptive bitrate streaming, integrating linear broadcast UHD capabilities, as and when needed.

Future-proof workflow

Future-proof workflow

Incorporating the latest developments in IP networking and compression technologies, such as HEVC encoding and HDR advanced processing, our UHD HDR solution ensures your workflow is always up to date

Flexible deployment

Flexible deployment

Choose whether you want to deploy our UHD HDR solution on commercial-off-the-shelf hardware, virtual machines, private data centers, the public cloud, or SaaS.


Ultra-low latency UHD contribution

For major sports events, live feeds are typically produced with a hybrid UHD HDR and 1080p SDR solution. Using the low-latency mode of our ViBE® CP9000 contribution encoder, you can contribute both UHD HDR and HD SDR signals from the venue and make them available to RD9000 decoders to output the live uncompressed signals in their original HDR format, or in the public cloud.


Intuitive UHD playout, production & storage

Ingesting UHD live content from multiple sources? No problem. Content can be ingested from camera feeds, contribution feeds decoded by our RD9000, or a record output of any master switcher. Our Spectrum™ X media servers support single channel recording, and the live content is recorded on either internal and/or shared storage. When you use our MediaGrid for UHD content storage, other Spectrum X servers can access the content directly without the need for media asset management.


Efficient UHD distribution

For broadcast delivery, Harmonic’s Electra®XOS media processor delivers sharp and pristine picture quality, thanks to our PURE Compression Engine™ single-slice UHD software and support for statistical multiplexing. For your OTT delivery needs, our Electra XOS media processor encodes live feeds and packages them using a built-in packaging feature. Our EyeQ™ content-aware encoding technology optimizes the compression of OTT content, delivering significant bandwidth savings, without requiring investment in network and subscriber infrastructure.

UHD HDR workflow

UHD HDR workflow

Hear it from our customers

"For the broadcast of the world’s largest football tournament, watched by millions of television viewers around the world, we needed a solution that provides the lowest latency and best video quality. With the Harmonic contribution platform on the ground in Russia, we were able to dazzle viewers with the best video quality that UHD has to offer."
Roberto Primo, CTO at Globosat


Bring Clarity to UHD HDR

Stay on top of the latest deployments with HDR video, navigate complicated video formats, and discover concrete details to a real-world workflow for file-based content.
Technical Guide

DASH CMAF Enabling Low Latency Streaming

High-quality multiscreen-viewing, with low latency comparable to broadcast are becoming the norms in terms of customer expectations. Rise to the challenge, with low latency video streaming.
White Paper
EyeQ video optimization solution

Introduction to EyeQ

EyeQ™ leverages the intelligence of the human visual system to provide a superior viewing experience, while reducing bandwidth consumption by up to 50%.

End-to-End UHD HDR Video Delivery

Harmonic's end-to-end solution can be deployed on appliance, virtual machines, customer supplied hardware, in the public or private cloud, or as a SaaS solution.
Solution Brief

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