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Collaborative Post Production

June 29, 2015
1-Minute Read

Video highlights are an essential element in today’s live sports programming — for a live event or news telecast —and are often produced while the event is still being recorded. Creating sports content and delivering it in a timely fashion depends upon the skills and talents of multiple collaborators within the various domains of post production, such as video editing, audio editing and visual effects creation.

To package sports highlights, feeds from cameras in the sporting venue or from the house video network are ingested into a video server, and are active-transferred to a shared storage system, like the Harmonic MediaGrid. Transfer operations are initiated from the server and target the appropriate project file structure in the central storage system.

Once in shared storage, multiple editors can access the content simultaneously through their nonlinear editing system (NLE) GUI to begin cutting assorted packages. For instance, if the event is a baseball game, one editor might highlight a player at bat, while another edits a package of great defensive plays made by both teams.

In either instance, the editor uses the NLE to edit the growing materials and create a timeline. After finalizing the content, the editor exports a self-contained video file to the playout server or distribution watch folder. The exported content may be played out from the playout server under the control of the house automation system.

For sports content syndication, live-event recordings are also adapted to the formats required for this type of distribution during post production.

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