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Advanced tools for optimizing video quality and improving the viewer experience

Iris Advanced Video Analytics

The Harmonic Iris® advanced video analytics software suite provides video quality, global channel availability and source profiling measurements for hundreds of compressed channels, both in real time and historically for up to one year. It works in tandem with the Harmonic NMX Digital Service Manager video network management system to collect data from Harmonic Electra and Ion broadcast encoders and present it as a comprehensive set of user-friendly charts, reports and dashboards. As a result, service providers can monitor and analyze their sources and programming over time; achieve better statmux pool balancing, bitrate allocation and homogeneity of video quality; and ultimately increase viewer satisfaction.

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  • Source profiling for better identification of channel complexity and bit requirements
  • Reporting of statmux pool load factor for optimization of channel allocation
  • Real-time and historical analysis of video quality
  • Codec independence for flexible source and signal handling
  • Scalable configuration of up to 250 channels per 1 RU



Learn more about the tools for optimizing video quality and improving the viewer experience.

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Iris Features

Source Profiling

Channel complexity varies across time. Iris profiles the sources of the entire lineup by aggregating information on source complexity, quality and availability. The system logs individual channels to assess frame-by-frame complexity over a given amount of time, allowing users to compare days or weeks, identify recurring patterns and make adjustments.

Statmux Pool Load Factor

Harmonic DiviTrackIP™ technology works with Harmonic Electra and Ion encoders and the ProStream® 1000 stream processor to enable statmuxing in a LAN or distributed WAN environment. Iris monitors the DiviTrackIP system to help operators define optimal statmux pool allocations.

Video Quality Absolute Degradation (VQAD)

By measuring the quantization of compression, Iris can report the actual degradation of video quality on channels or pools of choice. Operators can correlate this data with other metrics to see how much the output video has degraded in comparison with the source, and then take corrective actions.

Simplified QoS

Using Iris’ intuitive, web-based graphical user interface, operators can monitor their entire lineup behavior and video quality in real time, from anywhere with a network connection. Iris thus makes it easier to respond quickly to quality-of-service issues and achieve superior video quality at any given bitrate.