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Quickly and easily search, manage and move content


Central to any file-based workflow environment is defining the steps necessary to prepare content for distribution or repurposing. Key to that function is the ability to quickly search for and find specific media based on structural or descriptive metadata, or a particular workflow stage. The ProXplore™ media and workflow management application maximizes the benefits of file-based, enterprise-wide workflows by supporting multi-system searches, facilitating efficient content movement, and enabling content organization based on physical or user-defined metadata properties. Powered by our Media Application Server (MAS) asset management platform, ProXplore enables organizations to manage their digital media workflows, enforce business rules and streamline the flow of content through their facility.

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  • Secure enterprise-wide visibility of content via a rich web-based interface
  • Multi-system content searches, movement and organization based on physical or descriptive properties
  • Rules-based movement of content throughout its lifecycle
  • Coordinated control and execution of media processes
  • Integrates with Harmonic Spectrum media servers and MediaGrid active storage systems



Learn how to quickly and easily search, manage and move content in your media environment.

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ProXplore Features

Improve Speed and Accuracy of System-Wide Searches

ProXplore allows content across Harmonic Spectrum media server and MediaGrid storage systems  to be searched from a single interface. Automatically harvested structural or user-defined metadata can be leveraged for searches and saved for easy reuse.

Turbocharge Workflows

ProXplore monitors files using configurable rules triggered by either metadata or system activity. It senses static and growing clips, and intelligently determines the most efficient transfer protocol for each job — even when content is still being acquired or is already being edited.

Manage Valuable Assets Through Metadata

ProXplore automatically interrogates all managed systems to extract metadata such as format, bitrate, resolution, frame rate and wrapper type, and leverages that data to streamline the organization and location of content. Users can tailor metadata models to their precise requirements.

System-Wide Reporting and Notifications

When integrated into a corporate IT environment, ProXplore keeps users and third-party systems informed of activity within the managed environment. Email event messages are generated automatically based on changes to content, job status or clip discovery, and are then subsequently routed to specific users or groups to deal with issues or provide manual intervention.

Integrated Media Management

ProXplore runs directly on MAS and integrates fully with our ProBrowse proxy creation and management application and WFS file-based workflow system to deliver a unified media management solution. ProXplore can also interact with task-specific, third-party service applications that can be hosted on MAS, including captioning, file-based QC, archiving and transcoding.