Leveraging a public cloud infrastructure, spanning multiple MPAA-compliant data centers around the world, File360 delivers high-performance transcoding through parallel processing to handle even the most demanding and time-sensitive transcoding workloads, all at very competitive rates.



Support for the highest security standards to protect your content.



Start your transcoding job within minutes of signing up.



Convert any video and audio source format with parallel processing.



Pay only for what you use with our usage-based pricing model.

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File transcoding farm at your fingertips

Automate your transcoding workflows in a flash with simple API integration.


Scalable and reliable

Leveraging public cloud infrastructure, and coupled with 24/7/365 monitoring by our video and operations experts, we ensure your service continuity.

Continuous service improvement

We continually monitor industry trends and new technologies. We develop and deliver incremental updates with security patches, new features, general improvements to your service in the background at no extra cost.

The power of cloud infrastructure

Unlike traditional on-premises transcoding solutions, there is no need to worry about allocating resources (power/ network/ cooling/rack space) or sizing the cluster accurately to ensure it provides adequate capacity for your workload. We actively monitor the infrastructure resources and transparently allocate the resources on-the-fly according to the real-time load. Have a burst of premium content requiring transcoding quickly? No problem, we've got you covered.

Developer-friendly APIs

Simple APIs allow you to quickly automate and integrate with other components in your desired workflow. We provide several features specifically designed to allow developers to visualize and understand how to use the APIs effectively. Developers can even test the API calls directly, before doing a single line of coding.

Support for a wide range of input formats

File360 supports virtually all digital input formats and codecs used in the industry — including, but not limited to, MPEG-TS, MP4, ProRes, MXF and XDCAM.

Exceptional video quality, from SD to UHD

The encoding and transcoding functionality is powered by Harmonic PURE Compression Engine™, which provides support for a wide range of formats, codecs and encoding schemes to enable broadcast-quality video at low bitrates.

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