Your video assets represent great untapped value. With our video SaaS solution you can get more out of your investment by presenting them to a whole new audience. VOS®360 SaaS lets you quickly extend your reach and realize additional advertising revenue with more relevant and better-targeted advertisements.

Repurpose content in new ways

Repurpose content in new ways

Share on social media

Share on social media

Monetize the existing content

Monetize the existing content

Create new channels for new audiences

Connect with new audiences and get more value out of your existing content. VOS360 SaaS, with its state-of-the-art, intent-driven UI and APIs, lets you easily combine live, replay and highlight content based on previous live events.

Define regional or global distribution policies so you can create your new channels quickly and start engaging new audiences with existing content.

Share on social networks

Create short-form videos such as focused clips, trailers and teasers with unbeatable video quality that are perfect for sharing instantly on social networks.

Shape viewing experiences, grab attention and drive traffic to your channels.

VOS360 Video Spotlight

Media processing made easy

Repurpose your video content and deliver on your terms with VOS360 SaaS.

Tap into new monetization opportunities

Monetize the second life of your content by inserting advanced targeted advertisements such as pre- and post-rolls, sidebar ads, text crawls and guide-embedded ads.

With VOS360 SaaS you can also replace content during blackouts based on end-user location and device.


Increase profits

Generate real value and profitability even with the most niche or obscure archived content. The delivery cost will scale with the audience, however large or small. Our usage-based pricing model ensures that you only pay for what you use.

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