Testing out a new television channel typically requires a significant upfront investment, which can be risky for pay-TV operators. With our video SaaS solution, that’s no longer an issue. Operators can launch new channels fast, with little upfront investment, and remove them based on audience interest. It’s low-risk with potentially high rewards.

Originate new TV channels easily

Originate new TV channels easily

Fully customized and branded

Fully customized and branded

Pay based on success

Pay based on success

Create a linear channel effortlessly

Easily develop a diverse and dynamic channel offering with VOS®360 SaaS by mixing live content and scheduled media files. Replay files as needed.

Originate your channels in the cloud and launch them in days, or even hours without any compromise on video quality. You can instantly evaluate your channel success and decide on its future.


Customize your TV channel

VOS360 ensures you can deliver advanced content, including live TV, time-shift, nDVR, SVOD, and personalized advertising to a wide range of CDN services (built-in, external or on-premises).

You can also add graphics to your live streams and enable file-based playout, all under one control system.

Video Spotlight

The world’s first 24/7 UHD HDR video streaming service

NASA content is now available in HDR powered by Harmonic’s VOS360 video SaaS, Accedo One™ video experience platform, and CenturyLink’s content delivery network.

Priced to scale with your success

Our solution has a sliding pricing scale that moves up and down based on the success of your channel. Offering a low upfront investment and usage-based pricing, it’s a perfect match for launching and testing new channels.

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