OTT Content Delivery

Video Anywhere, Anytime

Consumers increasingly want to watch video anywhere at any time. They also want a high-quality viewing experience with great sound and no buffering. From live streaming to video on demand, Harmonic helps programmers and service providers deliver that experience across any IP network.

The Tools for Success

Featuring our award-winning H.264 video codec technology, Harmonic ABR multiscreen solutions give you the tools to prepare, manage and monetize high-quality live and VOD content to smart TVs, PCs, tablets and smartphones. Whether installed on premises or accessed over private or public clouds, our solutions support the entire media processing chain and the industry’s most popular internet and mobile formats, simplifying your ability to deliver revenue-generating, next-generation OTT services.

Highlighted Applications

Live Streaming

Over-The-Top streaming of live video to connected TV and mobile devices can be quite a challenge. The Harmonic PURE Compression Engine™ and ProMedia® X Origin multiscreen media server make it easy, allowing viewers to stream content to all of their devices. Targeted advertising and localized blackouts can also be inserted into your video streams without adding workflow complexity.

Video on Demand

Transcoding speed and video quality are paramount requirements for any provider of OTT VOD services. A solution featuring Harmonic’s WFS™ file-based workflow engine and ProMedia® X Origin media server alleviates these pressures by enabling highly efficient transcoding, packaging and publishing of your content with the industry’s best video quality.

Time-Shift TV

A Harmonic Time-Shift TV solution expands your OTT multiscreen offering beyond the streaming of live content and delivery of VOD: start-over and catch-up services are also enabled. Cloud DVR functionality can even be moved onto your network to drive customer satisfaction and reduce your infrastructure costs and complexity.


Harmonic’s VOS™ 360 is a dedicated, end-to-end video cloud service that lets you prepare and deliver live and time-shifted OTT streaming channels directly to consumer devices in a matter of hours instead of months. By removing the need to build out a physical plant to launch your service, and by offering pay-as-you-go pricing, VOS 360 dramatically alters the economics of OTT content delivery.

Ad Insertion & Blackout Management

Monetizing your multiscreen service offerings with the ability to sell ad space is an essential step toward achieving ROI on your OTT investment. Harmonic’s turnkey OTT solutions allow you to deploy a complete framework for ad insertion at national and regional levels. This same technology even facilitates cost-effective management of content-rights tasks, such as blackout management and program substitution.

Content-Aware Encoding

Harmonic’s EyeQ™ content-aware encoding solution allows OTT operators to deliver consistent, superior video quality with up to a 50 percent reduction in bitrate — without requiring any changes to the existing H.264 delivery infrastructure or upgrade to client devices. Read more in EyeQ Technical Guide.

OTT & Multiscreen Video Solutions

Harmonic is a quality provider that offers a unified solution for OTT multiscreen services. By supporting a broad range of multiscreen applications, with easy software upgrades as they become available, Harmonic enables us to be successful in OTT delivery.

Pekka Jääskeläinen, head of broadband and entertainment services, DNA

Harmonic Media Processing Workflow for OTT Delivery

Media Processing Workflow for OTT Delivery


EyeQ video optimization solution

Introduction to EyeQ

EyeQ™ leverages the function of the human visual system to provide a superior viewing experience while reducing bandwidth consumption by up to 50%.


EyeQ OTT video quality solutions


Harmonic EyeQ is a new way to determine the target video rates for the different video profiles in an ABR deployment.

Technical Guide