Make advertisements more relevant through hyper-targeting. Dramatically boost your OTT revenues by creating more value for advertisers and improve the end-user experience. Harmonic ensures a seamless video experience, with smooth dynamic ad insertion, along with complete blackout management.

Powerful end-to-end solution

Powerful end-to-end solution

Complete DAI solution for live and file-based content – from playout, through to OTT packaging and origin.

Efficient manifest manipulation

Efficient manifest manipulation

Interfaces with ad decision servers, to provide a targeted manifest based on user location, device, or more complex criteria.

Easy blackout management

Easy blackout management

Event scheduling and notification interface service for smooth blackout management.


Targeted advertising for OTT distribution

Harmonic’s range of media server and cloud-based processing solutions enable targeted ad replacement on live, linear and VOD streams, based on service side ad insertion (SSAI) architecture. SSAI delivers a seamless video experience on any device with a frame-accurate insertion, while bypassing ad blocker software.

Our EyeQ™ content-aware encoding technologies can be used to transcode ad files to deliver consistent, superior video quality with up to a 50 percent reduction in bandwidth usage.


Blackout and content replacement

As OTT content can be distributed to any device, anywhere, guaranteeing compliance with viewing policies is crucial. Depending on user location, device or device capabilities, the original content may need to be blacked-out, replaced by a slate, or swapped for alternative video content. Harmonic’s solutions can accurately ingest substitute content and slates, while providing an updated manifest to ensure legal commitments are fulfilled.


Content preparation

Harmonic already powers over 10,000 channels with SCTE marking. We have now extended our solution to OTT time-based SCTE104 messages, to ensure time accuracy and descriptor support from playout to packaging. Our solutions enable dynamic segmentation (chunk size) at stop and start trigger points, while assuring frame accuracy of incoming feeds during transcoding.

Dynamic ad insertion workflow

Dynamic ad insertion workflow


DASH CMAF Enabling Low Latency Streaming

High-quality multiscreen-viewing, with low latency comparable to broadcast are becoming the norms in terms of customer expectations. Rise to the challenge, with low latency video streaming.
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Harmonic EyeQ is a new way to determine the target video rates for the different video profiles in an ABR deployment.
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The Harmonic multiscreen solution provides a complete framework for ad insertion at all levels.
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Stay on top of the latest deployments with HDR video, navigate complicated video formats, and discover concrete details to a real-world workflow for file-based content.
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