Change is continuous in the broadcast environment. Between evolving formats and delivery methods, broadcasters are dealing with significant complexities as they look to deliver high-quality video to every screen over increasingly constrained networks. Our terrestrial video delivery solutions are highly flexible and scalable, providing you with bullet-proof reliability for ATSC, DVB-T and ISDB-T transmissions.

Superior video delivery

Superior video delivery

Quality of experience for every format on every screen, up to UHD HDR.

Highly scalable and flexible

Highly scalable and flexible

Assure peak viewing demands and launch new services and channels, with pay as you go model.

Open and future-proof

Open and future-proof

Ensure compatibility with all networks, devices, standards and formats – even those yet to come!


ATSC 3.0: Ushering in next-gen television experiences

The next-generation ATSC 3.0 standard provides broadcasters with a new range of capabilities made possible thanks to advanced modulation technology, IP delivery as the transport mechanism and HEVC compression. Harmonic is leading this transition and improving viewing experiences through support for UHD HDR and WCG, better audio and OTT multiscreen delivery.


DVB-T2: Improving spectrum efficiency and video quality

The DVB-T switch-off is set to take place in 2020. Transitioning to DVB-T2, broadcasters can improve spectrum efficiency through the use of HEVC compression, enhance their service offering with superior video and audio quality, and offer DVB subtitling. Harmonic offers a complete range of equipment to simplify the migration to DVB-T2, enabling you to take full advantage of everything the new standard has to offer. Our flexible solution for regionalization of DVB-T2 multiplexes helps you preserve resources and bandwidth for service distribution to both DTH satellite and terrestrial transmitters.


ISDB-T: Driving the transition to digital television

Harmonic enables ISDB-T and –Tb broadcasters to deliver advanced SD, HD and UHD television services, as well as multiscreen via the ISDB-T 1seg mobile DTT service. With a complete solution that includes end-to-end contribution, distribution, encoding and stream processing, Harmonic is at the forefront of helping broadcasters like you deliver advanced features, superior video and exceptional audio quality to viewers.



Channel Sharing for ATSC Broadcasters

Harmonic ATSC solutions support ATSC 1.0 operations and ease the transition to ATSC 3.0.
Solution Brief
Harmonic DVB-T/T2 Solution Brief

Overcome Challenges using DVB-T/T2

Harmonic offers a complete range of equipment to help you migrate to DVB-T2.
Solution Brief

Implementing HEVC in a DVB-T2

Join Harmonic for an educational session as we provide insights on the use and benefits of HEVC for DVB-T2 transmission.

Guide to ATSC 3.0

This guidebook gives you the keys to a successful migration to ATSC 3.0.

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