Traditional media companies are embracing OTT more and more, to respond to the growing demand for content anytime, anywhere, on any device. At Harmonic, we offer a unified OTT and broadcast platform that enables you to share live sources, simplify your video processing operations, deliver an optimized viewer experience and generate more revenues across all screens.

A single hybrid OTT & broadcast platform

A single hybrid OTT & broadcast platform

A unified view of services to prepare, manage and deliver high-quality live and VOD content across multiple networks to all screens.

New content monetization opportunities

New content monetization opportunities

Enabling data-driven targeted dynamic ad insertion into live, linear and VOD content, whatever the delivery network or viewing device.

Future-proof & cost-effective investment

Future-proof & cost-effective investment

Compatible with all codecs, streaming formats and workflows, to simplify production, playout and distribution.


End-to-end, fully integrated workflow solution

Our software-based OTT and broadcast solutions support every step of the workflow, from playout to delivery. Through a unified management system, we ensure high-quality and efficient service delivery across all screens, whatever the transport network. On the encoding side, we offer market-leading video compression for all standards and resolutions, including UHD. The packaging and origin capabilities of our unified solution allow you to deliver a low-latency, broadcast-quality experience to any viewing device. Moreover, you can now unlock greater content monetization opportunities with dynamic ad insertion and time-shift services such as start-over, catch-up and cloud DVR. Unique playout capabilities provide support for sophisticated graphics, branding and digital video effects (DVE), whether for file-based or live workflows.


Live, linear and VOD content monetization with DAI

Our unified OTT & broadcast solution opens a new world of monetization opportunities by allowing you to dynamically deliver targeted advertising and replace content during blackouts, based on end-user location and device. Besides boosting advertising revenues, this greater personalization also improves the end-user experience.


Innovative and future-proof technologies

As our unified OTT and broadcast platform is completely software-based, it supports all current and emerging standards and ensures a fully future-proof video delivery solution. Harmonic is constantly at the forefront of innovation, integrating cutting-edge video technologies such as our EyeQ™ content-aware encoding.

Unified broadcast & OTT headend workflow

Unified broadcast & OTT headend workflow


Bring Clarity to UHD HDR

Stay on top of the latest deployments with HDR video, navigate complicated video formats, and discover concrete details to a real-world workflow for file-based content.
Technical Guide
EyeQ video optimization solution

Introduction to EyeQ

EyeQ™ leverages the intelligence of the human visual system to provide a superior viewing experience, while reducing bandwidth consumption by up to 50%.

Set the Standard for OTT QoE

Harmonic’s EyeQ™ solution enables operators to deliver higher video quality to subscribers of OTT multiscreen services.
Case Study

DASH CMAF Enabling Low Latency Streaming

High-quality multiscreen-viewing, with low latency comparable to broadcast are becoming the norms in terms of customer expectations. Rise to the challenge, with low latency video streaming.
White Paper

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