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Media Empire: Integrated Channel Playout

March 23, 2015
1-Minute Read

The 4th episode of Media Empire is now available for viewing. Need to catch up on the first 3 episodes? Then visit our previous posts to get the details.

This week the team have enough content to start programming the channels, but the administration crew must first learn how to transcode the content using Harmonic’s file-based transcoding solution, ProMedia Carbon.

Secondly, in order to get a professional look and feel for the channel, Megan talks with a motion graphics designer in order to obtain a full graphics package, including station ID’s and bugs. Once the assets are received and transcoded, the team starts to see the fruits of their labor, as they develop playlists using Polaris Advance, an integrated channel playout automation system.

With programming in hand, the team sets about testing the channels internally. This is a big step, as all their hard work will now be put to the test. Will they be able to get the channels up and running? Be sure to watch the next episode to find out!

– Joel Marsden, Sr. Video Producer, Harmonic

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