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Gearing Up for ANGA COM 2015

June 8, 2015
2-Minute Read

This year at ANGA COM 2015, Harmonic will showcase a comprehensive range of solutions designed to bring increased operational efficiencies and cost savings to service providers and operators in the broadband, cable and satellite industries.

Through an integrated Harmonic solution that includes edgeQAM, CCAP and distributed CCAP systems as well as HEVC, enhanced AVC compression efficiency and virtualized media processing technologies, service providers can successfully migrate to an all-IP infrastructure while ensuring superior video quality — up to Ultra HD/4K — on any screen.

Harmonic products and technologies on display at ANGA COM 2015:

NSG™ Exo Distributed CCAP System

Harmonic will demonstrate Ultra HD (UHD) delivery over cable with a NSG Pro distributed CCAP system. NSG Exo is a high-performance cable edge device for the delivery of video, data and voice services over coax. Compact and cost-effective, NSG Exo moves a service provider’s RF requirements out of the headend or hub and places them deep in the fiber network, simplifying headend design and operation to resolve space and power constraints, lower capital and operational expenses and provide service flexibility.

Electra™ X Advanced Media Processor Family

As the world’s first encoder family to support graphics, branding, and playout functionalities, as well as industry-leading video quality and full-frame UHD/4K live encoding, Electra X advanced media processing products revolutionize video delivery. Electra X products offer content and service providers market-leading video quality, unparalleled function integration and increased operational flexibility in a cost-effective appliance. Two models will be shown: the Electra X2, ideal for all SD and HD media processing applications, and the Electra X3, designed specifically for UHD encoding.

IP Video to All Screens

Harmonic’s IP Video to All Screens solution, recipient of the 2015 TV Connect Award, gives operators the ability to provide amazing TV experiences on any device utilizing a single, multicast-enabled, HTTP adaptive bitrate (ABR) delivery architecture. By providing operators with a unified approach to IP video for all screens, Harmonic’s solution eliminates the need to operate a multicast IP or QAM broadcaster headend for first screens and a separate unicast headend for delivery to second screens.

ProMedia® X Origin Multiscreen Media Server

The software-based ProMedia X Origin system features a wide range of advanced tools for streaming video to all IP devices, including smart TVs, set-top boxes, PCs, tablets and smartphones. ProMedia X Origin supports all major streaming protocol standards in use today and offers the flexibility of integrated, on-the-fly packaging to different formats from a single H.264 or H.265 source. This capability enables easy migration to new formats as they emerge, simplifies integration to multiple DRMs, optimizes storage, and helps reduce CDN expenditures.

Learn more about Harmonic products and solutions by visiting stand 10.1/S10 during ANGA COM.

 Sarah Kavanagh, Sr. Public Relations Manager, Harmonic

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