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Media Empire: Launching Our TV Channel

March 2, 2015
1-Minute Read

So you’re interested in launching your own TV channel. Let me introduce you to Media Empire, a project we’ve been quietly working on here at Harmonic. Media Empire is a new six-week web series that follows six Harmonic employees tasked with building two HD over-the-top (OTT) television channels using Harmonic products, in an effort to start their own media empire.

The series kicks off with the employees arriving at work just like any other day. However, little do they know that they would be chosen to launch their own television channels, let alone a media empire. The six candidates are immediately immersed into the world of broadcasting as our CMO Peter Alexander sheds light on why they have been called upon. They're broken into 3 teams – Administration, Content and Technical – and given the task of working together to build two industry standard HD television channels, similar to that of our customers.

With their mission now clear, the teams are introduced to the relevant products: Spectrum™ X integrated channel playout system, Spectrum MediaDeck integrated media server, ProMedia Live real-time multiscreen transcoder, Harmonic MediaGrid scalable storage, ProMedia Carbon file-based transcoder, and the Polaris Advance automation system. With the technical components required to launch a channel in hand, the teams must now get started on their assigned tasks assembling the equipment, filling it with content, and administrating the channels.

Now what? How does one go about starting a TV channel? What's going to be on these channels? Will they get these channels built in time? Media Empire is going to going to answer all of those questions and more. Stay tuned each week for new episodes!

– Joel Marsden, Sr. Video Producer, Harmonic

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