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ProMedia X Origin

Enterprise-class video streaming to all first and second screens

ProMedia X Origin Multiscreen Media Server

ProMedia® X Origin offers service providers and content creators a flexible solution for preparing and delivering broadcast-quality video to consumers anywhere, at any time. As a next-generation multiscreen media server, the software-based ProMedia X Origin system offers a wide range of advanced tools for streaming video to all IP devices, including smart TVs, set-top boxes, PCs, tablets and smartphones. ProMedia X Origin fully integrates with Harmonic’s IP video encoding and transcoding systems for live and file-based workflows, enabling a complete ecosystem for launching new revenue-generating multiscreen services.

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  • All-in-one live, VOD and time-shift TV content preparation and origination
  • Closed captioning and subtitle support
  • Blackouts and slating control for different devices, time of day and regions
  • Packaging-on-the-fly for seamless format migration, DRM integration and storage optimization
  • Simple network architecture design with advanced caching and clustering


Adapt or Die

Why pay-TV operators must evolve their video architecture.

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ProMedia X Origin Features

Comprehensive Solution Offering

ProMedia X Origin integrates with Electra™ X advanced media processors, the Electra XVM virtualized media processor, the ProMedia Live real-time multiscreen encoder, ProStream® with ACE® stream processors and transcoders, and the Harmonic WFS™ file-based workflow engine to offer a complete multiscreen delivery solution.

Superior Performance

ProMedia X Origin is optimized for integration with Harmonic MediaGrid shared storage, providing a unified storage and delivery platform for video content targeted to multiple off-net and on-net devices. ProMedia X Origin and MediaGrid scale independently, allowing operators to add servers as their network grows and more storage as their content library grows.


ProMedia X Origin supports all major streaming protocol standards and offers the flexibility of integrated, on-the-fly packaging to different formats from a single H.264 or H.265 source. This capability enables easy migration to new formats as they emerge, simplifies integration to multiple DRMs, optimizes storage, and helps reduce CDN expenditures.


Ad Insertion and Blackout Management

To address the full spectrum of multiscreen ad insertion and blackout management workflows, ProMedia X Origin is optimized to work with a variety of leading third-party back-office ad monetization platforms and CableLabs-compliant event signaling and management (ESAM) servers.

Centralized Management

The variety of equipment required in content preparation can introduce workflow complexity. The Harmonic NMX™ Digital Service Manager can centrally provision and control ProMedia X Origin, as well as other components in the broadcast and multiscreen workflow, to simplify deployment and the ongoing management of multiscreen services.

Cost-Effective Scalability

Multiple ProMedia X servers can be combined for high-channel-count deployments to support hundreds of simultaneous streams. ProMedia X Origin also supports N+M redundant server configurations. High throughput is enabled with the addition of external MediaGrid storage.