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Video Trends, Technology & Streaming Innovations to Follow in 2022
What’s in store for video streaming, VOD, targeted advertising, and everything related to video in 2022? How far has the industry come since 2021? This blog is the first part of a two-part series on...
January 26, 2022
14-Minute Read
Vice President, Video Strategy
7 Reasons Why Cloud Adoption Is Accelerating for Video Streaming
Transition to Cloud Picks Up Pace What is driving media companies to transition to cloud-based video processing and delivery solutions for streaming and broadcast? Of course, a major catalyst is the...
December 15, 2021
4-Minute Read
Senior Vice President, Video Products & Corporate Development
The Rise of Regional TV Channels & Personalized Sports Content
Advances in live streaming have paved the way for the sports industry to reach more fans, wherever they are in the world. As the demand for more live sports content grows, service providers, media...
November 12, 2021
6-Minute Read
Business Development Director of SaaS Solutions
Why Video Businesses Are Moving to the Cloud
Media companies are increasingly turning to cloud technologies for video processing and distribution. Cloud-based solutions that offer the same capabilities as on-premises solutions but with less...
November 8, 2021
6-Minute Read
Senior Manager, OTT & IPTV Solutions
Personalized TV: The Linear TV Experience Is Evolving
A Quick Look at Linear TV Evolution The linear TV experience has evolved many times over the past several years, from videotape to file, from analog to digital, from SD to HD to UHD, and from SDI to...
November 5, 2021
10-Minute Read
Senior Vice President, Video Products & Corporate Development
4K Sports Broadcasting: Distribute & Personalize Live Sports Content at Scale
Sports fans around the world demand the highest possible quality of experience with impeccable video quality and zero service interruption. When it comes to important, internationally watched games...
November 2, 2021
5-Minute Read
Vice President, Video Appliance Product Management

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